Avoiding Medical Scams 101.


It’s a buyers beware marketplace, so make sure you don’t ever feel pressured into buying a product or service because it is being advertised as a “limited time offering” or “while supplies last”, legitimate medical products don’t use this language. There are a few things that every consumer can do to verify if something is authentic. 

1. Use trusted companies.

 Companies that have a proven track record and have been around for years is a good way to avoid fly-by-night scams that are designed to take your money and never provide any service.

2. Verify.

Check with your healthcare provider or insurance company about any service, medical device, or medication you’re considering.

3. Double check.

A valuable resource is the U.S. Food& Drug Administration (FDA) website. They update regularly so check back often.

Avoiding medical scams is easy if you stick to those general rules along with trusting your gut, when you know something just doesn’t feel right.

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