Close your eyes to put in eyedrops.


Closing your eyes for eyedrops sounds like ‘you’re doing it wrong,’ but it works!

Your blink reflex kicks in when it sees an eyedropper coming, so it’s natural that you might miss or end up with drops on your cheeks or eyelids.

Start by tilting your head back and closing your eye. Place the drops at the inside corner of your eye, near your nose, with the eye closed. With your head still tilted back, open your eye. The drops naturally wash into your eyes and won’t drip away.

This works great for moms putting eye drops in their kids or babies too! Have children lie on their backs and close their eyes. Put the eyedrops in the corner of their closed eyes.

Instead of just telling children to open their eyes, tell them to “blink 3 times” (or really any number). Counting their blinks makes it a little more fun and helps distract kids from the sensation of the drops going into their eyes as they open.

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