Dry eyes? Use wraparound sunglasses.


Dry eyes are a leading cause of eye irritation. But you can help prevent them with a simple change of eyewear—wearing wraparound sunglasses.

Painful, burning eyes are one symptom of dry eyes. Your eyes may also feel gritty or scratchy.

Sunglasses with wraparound frames keep air and wind out, keeping tears from evaporating. If your eyes are still dry while indoors, ask your eye doctor about special goggles that keep that area of your face hydrated or medicated eye drops that may help.

If your dry eyes are severe or persist, seek medical attention—especially if you experience complications such as:

  • Infection - due to lack of adequate tears which can cause permanent damage to the eye.
  • Inflammation - causing pain or vision problems.
  • Decreased quality of life – making it difficult to perform everyday activities like reading or driving.
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