To force a sneeze, look into a bright light.


Your body has many reflexes that help you function or protect you from harm—without you having to think about it.

About one in four people experience a psychological reflex that causes them to sneeze when they look into bright light. So if you’ve ever heard of someone who thinks they are allergic to the sun, they might be sneezing as a reaction to the light. 

A normal sneeze happens when something irritates your nose and your body reacts to clear the cause. Bright light works as a similar stimulus, sending a message to your brain to cover your eyes.

The combination of having something irritating your nose while looking at bright light, could force an anatomical mix-up that forces a sneeze. 

So, if you have this reflex, why not use it the next time you want to clear your nasal passages. Or, at the very least, be assured that it isn’t an allergy to the sun that’s making you sneeze.

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