Heading to a theme park? Bring duct tape to prevent blisters.


A big day of walking, like going to a theme park, can bring out uninvited guests: blisters.

Too much time on your feet or poorly fitting shoes and socks can contribute to blisters, which are caused by friction, heat and sweating. If you know one part of your foot (a toe or heel) is prone to blisters, wrap some duct tape around it before you set out. Or bring tape along and wrap your foot later if you feel a blister starting to form.

Duct tape is more slippery than your skin, so it cuts down on the friction between your foot and sock. Apply it smoothly (wrinkles will create more friction) and not too tightly. If that’s not enough and you feel a blister getting more painful, call it a day and get off your feet.

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