Look up and hold your breath to stop crying.

Mind & Spirit

Crying is the body’s natural reaction to strong emotional events like stress, frustration or sadness.

We even cry “happy tears” when we are overjoyed upon hearing good news or experience a life-changing event, like at the birth of a baby or attending a wedding.

Physically, the act of crying has a more meaningful purpose than just wearing our hearts on our sleeves. Researchers have found that tears help release harmful toxins that build up when our hormones are working hard to help manage our emotions. Other studies show that crying helps reduce anxiety by giving us a sense of immediate release. The energy expended while crying is also said to help us focus on our feelings in the moment, rather than bottling them up.

Although it is perfectly healthy to cry, you might have different reasons to hold back the tears. Next time you’re sitting in your boss’s office and feel that lip quiver that comes with crying - hold your breath and count to 10 to fight the urge.  Focusing on your breathing for a moment helps your mind switch to healing mode by increasing your flow of oxygen.

If you find that you are crying without reason, there might be underlying causes that need to be treated medically. The sooner you see a doctor, the sooner you can be on the way to recovery.

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