Make any Band-Aid® into a fingertip bandage using scissors.

ER & First Aid

There’s a bandage for just about every scrape and cut. But for whatever reason, the ones made for your finger have a hard time staying put.

To keep a bandage from falling off your finger, you’re going to have to “hack” it yourself. Take a clean pair of scissors and cut out a triangle shape at the long sides of a standard bandage.

For best results, cut it before you remove the tabs that protect the adhesive. Leave the pad in the middle intact, and use the flaps you created to wrap around your finger.

If you use extra wide bandages, stick it lengthways along the front and back of your finger. The sides of the bandage will wrap around the sides of your finger and stick to each other.

This hack is especially helpful for kids, whose fingers are too small for the pre-made fingertip bandages. But it's also great for anyone without a fingertip bandage handy.

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