Mix a heat rash remedy with common pantry ingredients


If you have regular oatmeal (not instant) or cornstarch in your pantry, you have the makings of an effective treatment for itchy heat rash. Here’s what to do:

  1. Mix either oatmeal or cornstarch with water until it makes a thick paste
  2. Gently apply to the irritated skin
  3. Let it dry and leave on until it flakes off on its own (don’t rinse–it’s still working)

Don’t reapply the paste unless it starts to itch again. Overuse could dry out the skin. Try to avoid additional heat and wear loose clothing until the rash improves.

Heat rash is caused when hot, humid weather leads to blocked pores that can’t release sweat, causing the skin to be irritated. It’s most common in adults where body areas rub together, like under arms and between legs. Infants often get heat rash on their necks.

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