Replace your usual bread with sourdough.

Diet & Nutrition

Our Hack #10 has already addressed the gluten-free craze and why you should think twice before going gluten-free. If you took that advice, here’s one more step to try: Choose sourdough bread as your bread of choice.

Here’s why.

Sourdough bread is made when grain is first fermented. In that process, the simple sugar content of the bread is reduced and it ends up with a high level of lactic acid. As a result, sourdough bread has a much lower glycemic index than other breads.

Glycemic index is a measure of how quickly and how much a certain food raises the body’s blood sugar after eating. Foods with a higher glycemic index raise blood sugar more than foods with a lower glycemic index.

Foods with a glycemic index under 55 are considered moderate, under 40 is considered low. White bread, for example, has a glycemic index of 70. Sourdough bread has a glycemic index of 53. Pumpernickel is another good bread choice with a glycemic index of 50.

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