How tv’s Seinfeld taught us self-motivation.


Jerry Seinfeld, known for his stand-up comedy and hit TV show Seinfeld, has lead a very fulfilling and productive life.

When asked for the secret is to his success, his answer was simple but not surprising – he tracks what he does in a personal calendar.

The Seinfeld Method, basically a “don’t break the chain calendar,” relies on a person’s own will to keep them motivated. In Seinfeld’s case, he wanted to make sure he found a reason to keep writing. For each day that he accomplished his goal, he crossed off a big X on that date in his calendar. It didn’t matter if his jokes didn’t make his sitcom, he just did not want to interrupt the routine and it helped him keep at it.

For Seinfeld, the goal was never results; it was merely to get a little bit done every day. And it added up. A decade after his major hit show ended, he was still making $85 million dollars a year. Today, he’s still winning prestigious awards and very much a family man. Whether you’re trying to exercise more or want to keep a certain diet, try keeping a calendar to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

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