Skip the skinny jeans to prevent nerve problems.


Along with the latest “it” bag or a statement necklace, skinny jeans are a staple in a fashionista’s closet.

Often bold and form fitting, the popular trousers can be a little tight and difficult to put on without feeling like you’ve invented a new yoga position.

Clothing that does not fit properly can also be hazardous to your health. Doctors warn that wearing tight pants for too long can cause a lack of blood flow to the muscles and nerves in your legs, resulting in compartment syndrome, which often requires surgery to treat.

If the thought of giving up your favorite style of denim isn’t an option, try these tips:

  • Try different brands for a better fit
  • Opt for a material that has more stretch
  • Buy a size larger than usual
  • Wear constrictive clothes like skinny jeans for short periods of time only – not all day
  • Don’t wear skinny jeans for active pursuits, especially for times you’ll be bending, sitting or squatting for long periods – further restricting blood flow
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