Take colonoscopy prep slow for less nausea.


No one looks forward to a colonoscopy, but you’re probably looking forward to your prep day even less. Still, you shopped for all your “clear liquids” and have planned to be near a bathroom just in case. But you can’t do much about that “prep” drink you need to take and, like many people, it makes you a little nauseous.

Drink Slowly

Drinking the mixture more slowly can help. Patients are usually directed to drink large amounts all at once. Just having that amount of liquid in your stomach at once can be enough to make some people feel nauseous—regardless of the taste. But as long as you get all the medicine into you, it will do its job. And drinking smaller amounts may help you avoid or lessen your nausea.

Eat Less

Another tip is to eat light the day BEFORE your prep (two days before your colonoscopy). The whole point of the prep is to clean as much stool out of your bowels as possible. Some people make the mistake of eating likes it’s their last day on earth knowing that they’re fasting the next day. But that just makes your prep harder. If there is less waste to clean out to begin with, there will be less prep-related discomfort.

Don’t let the prep get you down. A colonoscopy might not be fun, but it’s your best defense against colorectal cancer. If you have any concerns, talk them over with your doctor.

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