Thaw a brain freeze: Press your tongue flat against the roof of your mouth.

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“Brain freeze!” How many times have you heard someone exclaim this after drinking something cold very quickly?

The roof of your mouth (or hard palate) has lots of receptors that work to help your brain gauge things, helping your body react to things like temperature or texture. When you eat something like ice cream, the roof of your mouth is “shocked” at the sudden change of temperature, causing blood vessels to shrink. The rapid change in blood flow to that area of your skull causes the headache sensation commonly known as the Brain Freeze.

The best way to get over this phenomenon is to get the temperature in your mouth back to normal. Press your tongue flat against the roof of your mouth, covering as much as you can. By warming up the roof of your mouth, your brain won’t think it’s freezing. The more pressure you apply to the roof of your mouth, the faster your headache will subside.

A brain freeze is uncomfortable, but not usually harmful. However, if you have sudden, sharp headaches not associated with drinking something cold, talk to your doctor.

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