Trouble hearing? Use your right ear for voices and your left for music.


If you’re hearing is limited, you need every advantage you can get. Did you know that your right ear is better for listening to gossip your left ear is best for picking up music?

Next time you’re in a noisy, crowded restaurant and are having trouble hearing the person sitting in front of you, lean in with your right ear. Researchers have found that your right ear is better than your left at following rapid rhythms of speech.

If you’re trying to hear what song is playing on the jukebox, turn your left ear towards the sound. The left ear is better at picking up music and different tones.

Some loss of hearing is common as you age. Genetics and lots of exposure to loud noise affect your hearing over time. While you can’t reverse hearing damage, you can work with a doctor to help you improve what you hear.

If you’re hearing loss is sudden and accompanied by pain, you might have an infection. Call your doctor for an evaluation.

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