Try dried ginger for nausea.

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Your grandma’s remedy of ginger ale for tummy aches works into adulthood, too. Except most ginger ale these days doesn’t have any real ginger in it.

Instead, try the other forms of ginger–dried in tea, fresh or even candied ginger. Ginger is effective for treating nausea, including nausea from morning sickness or that caused by chemotherapy. For chemotherapy, taking ginger before treatment helps cut nausea, too.

Use up to a half-teaspoon of dried or fresh ginger (up to half a teaspoon) to reduce nausea. Dried ginger can also be found in prepared teas or in capsule form. If you’re pregnant and want it for morning sickness, check with your doctor first about daily limits on ginger. If your nausea persists without a known cause, see your doctor.

If severe nausea or vomiting are making it difficult to you to stay hydrated, go to the emergency room where you can get IV fluids.

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