Use a Health or In Case of Emergency app.

ER & First Aid

If you are like most people, you are never far from your cell phone. That’s what makes it the perfect place to store all the vital health information that paramedics or an emergency room team would need if you were ever in a situation where you could not provide it yourself.

It’s been a recommendation for years that people keep a “list” on them—but it’s never been easier do just that. iPhones, for example, come with a Health app that allows you to list your critical information and then have that available through the lock screen—so a medical team can get to it without needing your password.

Don’t have an iPhone? There are In Case of Emergency (ICE) apps available for most devices that do the same thing.

iPhone Health App

The iPhone Health app icon is a white box with a pink heart. When you open the app, just click the bottom right  * icon that says “Medical ID.” Enter as much information and as much detail as you can about your medical conditions, allergies and reactions, medications, height, weight etc. Also enter the names and phone numbers of people you would want contacted in an emergency. Save your data and you are good to go.

If you (or an emergency medical provider) ever need to access the Health app data, you can on the locked screen without needing to unlock the phone. Just click “Emergency” and then “Medical ID” to view the information.

Other In Case of Emergency (ICE) apps

The Android Medical ID app is very similar to the iPhone Health app.

And there are many, many other options for both iPhone and Android that give you a variety of extra bells and whistles, including first aid information, an emergency alert feature that sends an SMS message with your location and more. But the most important feature is having your medical information available without needing to unlock your phone. In case of an emergency, an ICE app might just save your life.

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