Two of the multiple home remedies for head lice are probably sitting in your pantry. Olive oil and mayonnaise have been used with mixed results.

For each one, you can cover a child’s head with the product and then put on a shower cap (or Saran wrap) and leave it overnight. The adult lice should suffocate.

In the morning, you can shampoo your child’s hair and use a fine-tooth comb to remove any eggs. Continue to comb the hair every day, and you may need to redo the oil or mayonnaise treatment in a week.

Oil and mayo can also come in handy after using a prescription or over-the-counter treatment. Most medicated treatments should only be used once in a two-week period. So if you suspect they may not have done the trick, adding in a round of oil or mayo is something else to try.

Whatever you try, keep your pediatrician in the loop with what you are doing and whether it’s working. Head lice infestations tend to occur seasonally and some have shown resistance to certain medicines. Chances are your pediatrician knows about a lot of similar cases and can advise you what’s working for others in your area.

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