Use super glue for a quick seal on a tiny cut.


Small cuts can be painful and even tiny ones can bleed. So what do you do if your first-aid kit is empty or the cut is someplace that’s not easily bandaged? Try dabbing on some super glue.

First, make sure you’ve cleaned the area well and have stopped the bleeding. Squeeze out a dot of glue and spread it around the cut before it dries. The glue will harden and protect the area until your body is able to heal itself. Super glue is usually non-toxic (don’t use glue that is not), but it still might cause some irritation—that’s why this trick is only good for tiny cuts.

This trick is also only for skin-deep or superficial cuts. If bleeding continues after 10 minutes, there is something lodged in your skin, or the cut is deep you should get immediate medical attention or visit your nearest emergency room. You might need stitches or a tetanus shot to avoid further complications.

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