Want to be less tired at work? Stop making email your night job.

Mind & Spirit

You’ve probably read that using a smartphone before you go to bed can disturb your sleep. Too much screen time right before rest can disrupt your body’s production of melatonin and make it difficult to stay asleep.

Now research suggests the impact on sleep is worse when that screen time is related to work. In two separate surveys, people who use an electronic device for work had disturbed sleep and also felt sleepier and depleted the following day. These feelings were worse for respondents who felt less in control of their work life.

Watching a TV screen did not have the same effect as watching a smartphone, presumably because watching TV was not related to work.

The best way to feel better at work is to not take it to bed in the form of your smartphone. If you can get your bosses to sign on, let them know you won’t be responding to those late night emails. You’re off the clock and off the phone, too.

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