Want to burn more calories? Practice good posture.


For people who work sitting at a desk all day, losing weight can be no easy feat.

Lack of regular movement can slow down your metabolism, making it even harder to burn off that slice of your co-workers birthday cake. Just a little extra effort, can help burn a few extra calories. 

A good way to start is by taking a look at the way you sit. When you practice good posture by sitting straight, you’re using muscles. Slouching while seated at your desk requires less effort, burning fewer calories throughout the day. Make sure you’re sitting straight up with your shoulder back and keep your abs tight—your muscles will start to remember this position when you sit for long periods of time. 

Sitting up straight isn’t just good to keep off extra pounds, it keeps your back healthy as well. Poor posture weakens muscles, making your back more susceptible to injury when you are active.

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