How your workout playlist helps you build stamina


If you are just starting to work out or want to switch up your exercise routine, simply look to your music playlist for inspiration.

Studies show that music excites the brain, making it move more and push harder. Music is also known to liven your mood and songs with high beats per minute, or BPM, will help keep you at a faster pace.

To keep your workout fresh and to build stamina, add a new song to your workout playlist each week. If you’re just starting an exercise routine, start with one song and add another song each week so that you build your way up to a full workout. For runners and walkers that like to go the distance, you can add a few more. With the average song being about 3 minutes and 30 seconds, adding a new song each week for a month will increase your exercise time by almost 14 minutes a month.

At that rate, you’ll be a workout pro before you know it!

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